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Pyra Vastu – Power of The Pyramid

Pyramid Vastu, Pyra vastu

The pyramid has been known from ancient times as a powerful design that connects to energy forces and its shape is identified with healing qualities.

The Egyptians viewed the pyramid as a spiritual symbol because its form directs the electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth and form the stars and other planets.

In metaphysical studies, its structure with four sloping sides emits positive energy that neutralizes negative energy .One of its main function is to remove or recycle stagnated and negative energy and focus harmonizing energies.

Pyra Vastu Consultation of Home, Office, FactoryResearch and experiments have shown that pyramid powers change the mental, physical and emotional states of individuals who have been exposed to its vibrations.

Placing pyramids in the four corners of a bedroom helps to revitalize the energy flow.
It improves the aura of a person and this has been proven with the use of the Kirlian camera to capture the aura of an individual . The Kirlian photographs show clearly the difference in the size and quality of the aura after an individual has been exposed to pyramid power.

In India, temple architecture is based on pyramidal shapes. The design also incorporates domes and the main idol is placed under a pyramid-shaped roof to generate energy among devotees. This is why people visiting Hindu temples with such roofs come away feeling cleansed and energetic.

Pyramids are now gaining popularity in homes as a means of enhancing energy flow, particularly in homes that are governed by dullness. Several readers have asked how can they use pyramids in their homes and benefit from the energy flow.

Homeowners should understand that before they can energies their house with pyramids, they should first orientate their house as per Vasthu to attain the desired results. Pyramids are extremely powerful and should be used be used with respect. Placing pyramids in the four corners of a house helps deflect negative energy and improve positive energy flow.

To revitalise the force in the master bedroom located in the south-west , pyramids should be placed in the four corners of the bedroom.

The powers of the pyramid are said to be endless and, to experience its bWish Pyramid As per Pyra Vastuenefits, an individual should try it with complete faith.

Some of the uses and effects of pyramids

1. Wealth & Prosperity- They say money can’t buy happiness… But in PyraVastu terms, the meaning of wealth & prosperity has far wider implications. Using Pyramids can help to bring abundance into your life & provide yourself with the kind of enrichment that will bring true happiness.

2. Marriage & Love- Whether you’ve always been ‘unlucky in love’, are having problems attracting a mate. Pyramids can help you to enrich your love, harmony and marriage life.

3. Family & Peace- Did you know you should start your PyraVastu before you even move in a new house, it starts of the land itself. As family is very important part in our lives proper attention must be given.

4. Money & Fortune- Here’s your chance to invite good fortune and to attract more money at your shop, office or factory with Pyramid power.

5. Education & Children- Can Pyramids help in education. Yes, it can improve the concentration and also health and vitality of children.

6. Health & Pain Relief- To be healthy is not to be only disease free! By using Pyramid power in our lives we can improVastu Expert Consultant Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Jodhpurve our health, in terms of illness at all three levels – body, mind and soul.

7. Career & WorkPlace- If you feel stuck in a rut at work, overlooked for promotion and want a total change of career or a business, Pyramids can help you to improves your sales, money flow or job opportunity.

8. Good-luck & Wellness- Pyramids can enhance luck and can be used for personal benefit or that of home, shops and offices.

9. Protection & Purification- It is very important to protect your main door from all evil energies. Pyramids can be used in cars for safety.
Purifying the negative energy inside the rooms with fire is also necessary.

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