Vastu Tips For Home

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Useful Vastu Tips For Home

According to several traditional beliefs, each house has its own energy type. Once a person starts living in a house he comes under the influence of a specific energy field. And these energies start influencing him in some way or the other. Now this argument may not have many takers in our times, but still for those who believe, it is very important to have homes that exude positive energy. Indian Vastu science has several remedies to ensure that a house remains blessed, without making any structural changes. Here are a few.

  1. Place an aquarium in the South East corner of your living room for prosperity.

  2. The recitation of mantra Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya is said to do away with all doshas in a house.

  3. Poster of crying woman, war scene, angry person, owl and eagle are considered inauspicious. If you are having one of them in your home, remove it immediately.

    vastu tips for home

    vastu tips for home

  4. Performing Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti puja at least once in every three years helps remove Vastu dosh from a house

  5. Keep bowls of sea salt in corners of your house. Salt is believed to do absorb negative energy.

  6. The tinkling of bells is believed to break energy patterns and help the inflow of positivity. So hang a couple of metal bells at your gate.

  7. Place Swastik and Om symbols at the door of your house.

    useful vastu tips for home

    vastu tips for home

  8. Place holy water at dark, closed corners of your house and change it weekly.

  9. Banish all mirrors from the bedroom. If it’s not possible, at least face them away from bed or cover them while sleeping. It is said to cause ill health and discord in family.

  10. Meditate and chant once a day. These are believed to infuse positive energy in the environment.

  11. Keeping medicines inside the kitchen attract negative energy.

  12. Place a lemon in a glass of water and change it every Saturday, to get rid of negative energy. Remember lemon is easy findable and most useful negative energy absorber.

    vastu tips for home

    vastu tips for home

  13. It is advisable to have your kitchen in the South East corner of your house, if it is not possible, at least place the gas stove in the South-East of your kitchen.

  14. Fire is believed to be a powerful cosmic cleanser. It’s advisable to burn earthen lamps and incense sticks (Wet Dhoops are more effective) morning and evening. Earth salt lamps are also more useful.

  15.  It is advisable to have a nameplate outside your door, for opportunities to trace you easily, according to Vastu

    vastu tips for home

    vastu tips for home

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